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“Rick’s book should be required reading for couples even before they get married. My sister and her husband are separated, so I’ve given her my copy of the Guide to read because I know it will help her sort through her thoughts and feelings, and show them how to get through this inexpensively and in a civil manner.”
Vickie D.,Mineola
“The wisdom and strategies in this book will reduce your emotional and financial stress to a third or less than a typical divorce. It could even save your marriage. Rick Banks offers realistic,compassionate advice for untying the knot in plain, clear language everyone can understand and use. He gently takes the reader by the hand from clarifying the decision to divorce through addressing all the emotional and legal factors involved in the process to restoring life balance after divorce.I highly recommend this book to everyone who is contemplating divorce and all the people they turn to for help, counselors, ministers, coaches, attorneys, family and friends.”
Aila Accad
MSN, award-winning speaker and author of the Amazon best-seller “34 Instant Stress-Busters, Quick tips to de-stress fast with NO time or money”
“The best advice I can offer anyone who is thinking about divorce is to read this book. Encourage your spouse to read it too. It will enable both of you to try to set clear boundaries, to try to keep communication open, even when it may be difficult and to try to act in a way that shows respect for one another and any children you may have. It will help make the divorce process as stress free as possible, though of course there will be some stress. It will help you to try to establish a healthy relationship with your ex once the divorce is over, something that is critically important if you have children.”
Tracy Riva
New York Times Best Selling Author
“In a well-written book that blends good legal advice with compassionate emotional sensitivity, divorce attorney Rick D. Banks provides wonderful support for those struggling through the turmoil of divorce. As Rick says, “… a friendly divorce doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be friends. It just means you aren’t going to be enemies.”
Janet Smith Warfield
New York Times Best Selling Author
“Rick Banks’ Win Your Divorce includes some of the most important advice you will ever receive to help you experience a healthy and happy divorce. Read it and heed it, and enjoy finding your way back to joy.”
Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author