10 Tips to Help you Deal with Divorce

Dealing with divorce is never easy, even for those people who desperately want to be out of a terrible marriage.  The stress of making decisions about who will have custody of the children and splitting all of your assets and debts can take a toll on the healthiest person.  If you need help dealing with your divorce, try our tips to work through your stress.

  1. Take care of yourself first. This goes against everything parents believe, but you cannot properly care for your children if you are run down yourself.
  2. Try to eat right. Yes, it is easier to grab a quick meal from the closest fast food place, but you need to eat healthy foods to keep your energy levels where they need to be.  If you eat too much junk, your body and spirit will suffer.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Again, this is not going to be easy, but you need to sleep.  You cannot make good decisions if you are exhausted.  Sleep when you can – even if it is a nap in the middle of the day!
  4. Always check with your doctor before you start an exercise program.  Getting up and moving will help you sleep better and exercise is a well-known stress reliever.
  5. Take a few minutes every morning to sit quietly, take deep breaths and clear your mind.  Luckily, this is something you can easily do any time you start to feel overwhelmed during the day, too.
  6. Find a new hobby or spend time doing one you love. Yes, there is always a list of things that need done – laundry, groceries, cleaning, kids – but a few minutes of doing something you enjoy can change your outlook for the day.  It is okay for you to do something you love!
  7. Meet your friends. Call your friends and spend time with them.  Many times, as stress of a bad marriage gets worse, friendships suffer.  Reunite with your friends and have some laughs.  Try to leave your pain at home and just enjoy!
  8. Find a therapist. Talking to a therapist is not something most people want to admit they need, but it is perfectly natural to want to “vent” to someone.  Your friends and family want to help, but a therapist can give you ideas on how to communicate with your ex and help your children deal with the divorce.
  9. Helping others is a great way to stop thinking about your own problems.
  10. Don’t make any major decisions.  Once your divorce is final, take time before you make any big decisions.  You are simply not able to make good choices while you are still so emotional.

Dealing with divorce isn’t easy, but you can do it.  Take your time healing and don’t rush to feel better because everyone around you tells you it’s time to move on.  Your healing will take its own time frame – some people feel like themselves in a few months, for others it takes years.  Your pain will go away.  Always believe that.

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