3 Reasons Filing an Amicable Divorce is Better for Everyone

The term “amicable divorce” may sound like an oxymoron to most people, but many couples find the stress of divorce is greatly decreased when they choose to work together to design a settlement that is satisfactory to both of them.  Don’t misunderstand – an amicable divorce does not mean you are friends – only that you are friendly enough to compromise one last time.

So why should you be friendly to someone who may have hurt you badly?  Or that you are angry at?  It’s simple, really.

  1. It’s less expensive to be friendly.  If all you want to do is fight, you are going to be paying thousands more in lawyer fees and court costs.  Your new life is going to be so different – even those who think they have it all planned financially are shocked at how expensive it can be to start over and live on your own.  Save your money and compromise with your spouse!  Keep your money to start your new, happier life instead of paying an attorney!
  2. It’s quicker. When you decide to file for divorce, the end is all most people think about.  No one wants to deal with decisions and an angry spouse for years.  The sooner you sit down and compromise with your spouse, the sooner you will be free to start over.  If you simply cannot agree, hire a mediator to help you design a settlement that is satisfactory to both of you!
  3. Your children. Divorce is not something any parent wants to put their children through, but sometimes, it is necessary.  Being friendly with your spouse and getting the divorce finalized quickly is easier on your kids.  They are already dealing with the pain of a divorce – do you really want to drag them through months of fighting over the details?  Save them the anxiety and stress (and you, too!) by working with your spouse towards an amicable divorce.


Remember, being friendly doesn’t mean you aren’t angry or hurt.  It simply means that you respect yourself enough to be bigger than your pain and do what’s best for your family.  You don’t have to have lunch dates with your ex – you just have to be able to smile and say hi when you see him/her.  Imagine how much happier your children will be to have parents who love them enough to be friendly to each other!

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