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Getting Divorced?
Do You Have ANY Fears for Your Financial Future?

Too many people make costly mistakes during their divorce … mistakes they’re still paying for years later. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Here's Some of What You’re About to Discover:


The Fighting Lawyer (Mistake #5)

The reason you DON’T want a lawyer who’s ready to “fight hard” to make sure you get “everything you deserve.”


The Over-Used Lawyer (Mistake #7)

There are right conversations and wrong conversations to have with your attorney. The wrong ones cost you a lot of money and do you little good.


The Money Grab (Mistake #2)

Learn to protect yourself against the Greedy Group that’s after your money. Because if you don’t, they’ll get much more than they deserve.


The Asset Trap (Mistake #6)

All the assets you share with your spouse will have to be divided up. You’ll keep more if you know how to avoid this nasty asset trap.

Dear friend,

I’ve been a divorce lawyer for over 15 years, and I’ve seen the messes that come from these 10 dangerous mistakes.

It’s ugly.

And so unnecessary!

I want to help people like you avoid the mistakes … and the messes.

So here’s what I did. I wrote a short report called The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make with Divorces … And How to Avoid Them.

May I send this report to you today? It’s completely free.

See, the thing is, all 10 of these mistakes will hurt your bank account. And if they hurt your bank account, they hurt your lifestyle … and your housing options … and your children.

Listen, divorce is already tough enough without you making these mistakes that make it worse! And what's so aggravating is that most of the mistakes divorcing people make are easily avoidable. But only if you know what’s inside my report...


​​​​​Rick Banks offers realistic, compassionate advice for untying the knot in plain, clear language everyone can understand and use. He gently takes the reader by the hand from clarifying the decision to divorce through addressing all the emotional and legal factors involved in the process to restoring life balance after divorce.


Aila Accad,
speaking of Rick’s book, Win Your Divorce

Divorce is the kind of thing we never think will happen to us, but if it happens to you, you need your BEST strategy to protect yourself ... both financially and emotionally.

I’ve helped hundreds of divorcing couples to avoid court, keep their children, and stem the tide of the financial bleeding. A divorce doesn’t have to be as devastating as you might imagine.

Don’t be a victim of any of these 10 mistakes people make when going through a divorce.

Get my FREE report today so you can learn how to avoid common blunders that could damage you financially ... for the rest of your life.


After a divorce, many people wish they had done something differently. There are huge mistakes that can negatively affect the rest of your life. NOW is the time to prevent those mistakes from happening to you.

Check out my list to learn how YOU can avoid making these dangerous mistakes.

Rick Banks,
Nationally-Recognized Divorce Attorney, Mediator, and Best-Selling Author

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Your Future Will Be Shaped By Whether You Make — Or Avoid — These 10 Common Divorce Mistakes.

Learn what they are today so you can avoid these dangerous mistakes and build a strong foundation for your new life.

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