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I'm glad you requested my 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes report. It shows you're willing to learn from other people's experiences while you prepare for your own divorce journey. What's important is that you are preparing.

You see, there will be over 800,000 divorces this year ... in the U.S. alone! And most people going through a divorce are not prepared for it.

So they make mistakes – VERY COSTLY MISTAKES – that can impair their standard of living for decades after the divorce is final. And they take their children down with them — financially, emotionally, and socially.

That's why I'm glad you're preparing for your divorce. I don't want it to crush you. Especially when I know how to help you navigate the legal system so you avoid all the painful problems waiting to ambush you.

Now, as you might imagine, I couldn't give you every answer ... every insight ... every strategy in my short 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes report. There are many more details to consider, such as:

  • How to trim up to 9 months and $15,000 in lawyer fees from your divorce.
  • How to set up a child custody arrangement that's best for your children.
  • How to divide your assets ... fairly.
  • How — and why — to avoid divorce court.

So if you'd like more information to help you prepare even better ...

     ... and if you don't want the court system to decide who gets your assets — or your children ...

     ... and if you have $7 right now (that's, what, one trip to Starbucks?) ...

     ... then please consider ordering Win Your Divorce: The Workbook.

Because the insider information, insights, and strategies in this workbook will explain every important step of the divorce process. You'll learn how to make it through your divorce without eroding your bank account ... or your emotional stability.

               Listen, I know this is a difficult time for you...

               And I know you're being forced to make some extremely difficult decisions...

But here's the thing. This is YOUR future we're talking about.

               And do you really want to roll the dice with your future?

As I said in the video, this book sells for $97, but you can get it right now through this special offer for only $7 up front. I'll bill you the other $90 in 30 days, but only if you agree the Workbook's information and strategies are giving you answers ... saving you money ... giving you confidence for making decisions that will directly affect you for the rest of your life.

And since I really want you to have this workbook as you work through your divorce ...

               ... I'm including — for FREE — my "You and Your Children" eBook Bundle.

The Bundle contains 3 eBooks that give you my best insider insights and tips in the areas of spousal support, child support, and child custody.

Here's what you're getting for just $7 right now:

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    Win Your Divorce - The Workbook (126 pages)

You and Your Children eBook Bundle:

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    The Spousal Support Manual (80 pages)
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    The Child Support Manual (84 pages)
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    How to Win Child Custody (90 pages)

Below, you'll find more details about each of these books. For now, I can assure you that they'll give you the essential knowledge, insights, and strategies you'll need as you prepare to make life-changing decisions during your divorce.

I can assure you because this content has helped hundreds divorcing people over the past 15 years.

          ... Sound like something you want?

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Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author


Rick Banks' Win Your Divorce includes some of the most important advice you will ever receive to help you experience a healthy and happy divorce. Read it and heed it, and enjoy finding your way back to joy.


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This Collection of eBooks Will Help You ...


divide your assets ... fairly

Are you worried your spouse might pull some nasty tricks to get more than their fair share of your shared assets? I expose the tricks your spouse might try in an attempt to get more than they deserve. And I explain what you should — and shouldn't — do in your pursuit to get your fair share of your shared assets. Whether it's cars, furniture, art, or a valuable baseball card collection, you'll be fully equipped to avoid a cruel — and perhaps criminal — asset grab. 


find the right divorce attorney

First of all, you might not even need a divorce attorney. If you can pull off an amicable divorce, or even a "no fault" divorce, then you can avoid the expense and stress of finding and working with an attorney. However, if you DO need an attorney, please don't hire one until you ask my "Top 10 Questions to Ask Prospective Attorneys" (page 29). Because if you hire the wrong attorney, your divorce could drag on and get uglier than it needs to. Be careful here!


know what to expect in court



cover all the bases

Do you likes surprises that eat up your energy, patience, time, and money? You can avoid over 150 of them by using the Divorce Agreement Worksheet included in the Workbook. This extensive checklist helps you prepare for everything from property taxes to retirement plans ... from car titles to cemetery plots ... from frequent flier miles to family pets. Avoid untold frustration — and expenses — by relying on this thorough checklist ... starting today!


win Child custody

If you want your children in the best circumstances after the divorce is over, you have to know the best strategies for working through the emotional, social, and legal issues you and your children will face. How to Win Child Custody takes you step by step through the entire divorce and post-divorce process, giving you confidence that your kids are going to be okay.


provide for yourself

If one spouse pursued a career while the other was the primary caregiver for their children, then spousal support (previously known as alimony) protects the non-wage-earner from financial ruin. The Spousal Support Manual guides you through the legal and financial jungles that stand between you and your future financial security.


provide for your children

In the nightmare scenario, the divorce sucks up your money, and your kids never have enough clothes, food, or good friends. Now, it rarely comes to that, but you still worry about our children and want the best for them. The Child Support Manual gives you essential information and insider tips so you can negotiate fair financial agreements for your children.

Meet Divorce Attorney, Mediator, Best-Selling Author, and ... Divorce Survivor, Rick Banks

Yes, that's right. Over 30 years ago, before I ever considered being an attorney, my first marriage crumbled and ended in divorce. And to this day, I can still recreate in my mind the stress, fear, and raw anxiety I experienced during the divorce experience.

So I became a Family Law attorney so I could help other people avoid the financial, emotional, and social costs of the typical divorce.

Today, I have a long and strong track record of helping people:

  • resolve their issues and get what they want quickly and easily — be it keeping their assets or maximizing the support they get — all while saving on expensive court costs.
  • work out mutually satisfying custody arrangements that allow for frequent and continuous contact with their children.
  • get through their divorces, and get on with their lives, without the drama, expense, and emotional distress that most divorces entail.

I would be humbled and fulfilled if my experiences, research, and insider tips help YOU win YOUR divorce — financially, emotionally, and socially.


Before I even talked to an attorney, I went through Rick's Workbook. When I finally hired an attorney, I was able to save about $3,000 in legal fees because I had already done so much of the legal work that the attorney would have charged me to do.  — Morgan


The wisdom and strategies in this book will reduce your emotional and financial stress to a third or less than a typical divorce. It could even save your marriage."   — Aila Accad


... blends good legal advice with compassionate emotional sensitivity ... provides wonderful support for those struggling through the turmoil of divorce."  — Janet Smith Warfield

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Give Yourself and Your Children the Best Possible Life After Your Divorce is Settled

Your divorce will pummel you with difficult decisions, exasperating emotions, and fading finances ... UNLESS you know what's coming and steal its power by planning carefully for every step of the process. And that's the purpose of the Win Your Divorce Workbook. From gathering the right documents to finding the right divorce attorney ... from protecting your assets to protecting your children ... You CAN take control of your divorce and manage the damage to your future.


No thanks, Rick. I'll pass on your one-time offer.

Your Rock-solid No-Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee…

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so take 30 days to read and apply the information, strategies, and insider tips you'll find in these four eBooks. If you decide they're not helpful to you, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt and courteous refund.

And in case it helps you feel safer with your decision, I'll mention that I'm on the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys' 2017 list of 10 Best Attorneys for California for Client Satisfaction in the practice area of Family Law.

I must say, it's nice to be recognized for what I try so hard to do: be a trustworthy advocate for people who find themselves needing help navigating a terribly complicated legal system.


Regardless of why you are getting a divorce, or what has transpired in the past, it’s time to look forward, and focus on building the best future you can for you and your children, and that’s what these books will help you do.


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