Why is an Amicable Divorce so much Better?

An amicable divorce is one in which the divorcing couple agrees to be friendly throughout the process.  Many people do not believe this is possible, but it is and is always the best way to handle a divorce.  When your divorce is friendly, everyone wins in this tough time of your life.

Amicable divorces are much less stressful on you and your children.  You will still have many adjustments to make in your lives, but without constant fighting, you will be able to deal with the stress a little easier.  When you are friendly with your spouse, your children will learn that even when you don’t like someone, you always need to be respectful and kind.  Is there any more important lesson that you need to teach your children?

Another reason for choosing to be amicable during your divorce is how much quicker you will be able to file and finalize your divorce.  When you are not fighting over every little details the settlement can be reached much quicker and filed with the court.  We are not suggesting that you agree with everything your spouse wants, only that you can compromise in ways that don’t include screaming or name-calling.

If you truly cannot sit down with your spouse and make decisions, consider hiring a mediator to help you.  The mediator will look at both sides of the divorce and offer suggestions that you may not have thought of.  While you do not have to accept the suggestions of the mediator, doing so can prevent you both ending up in court and having the judge make those decisions.  Everyone is better off avoiding a court battle.

Choosing to be amicable will also save you a lot of money.  You will need money to start your new life with your children, so saving every penny you can during the process is always a good idea.  Much of the cost of a divorce is from lawyer fees and if you and your spouse are amicable and reach an agreement together, you will save those lawyers fees.

Many people say they can never be friends with their ex.  Being a friend and being friendly are two widely different things.  A friend is a confidante and someone you want to spend time with.  Friendly is the ability to smile and say hi to someone.  You don’t have to be your spouse’s friend – only amicable to them.

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