On Average, How much does a Divorce Cost?

The Cost of a Divorce

After making the difficult decision to file for divorce, the next thing many people worry about is how much their divorce will cost. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this question. How much your divorce will cost depends on many factors. The good news is, some of these factors are within your control.

One of the things that determine how much a divorce will cost is how agreeable you and your spouse are. If you can work out most or all of your issues without fighting in court, you can significantly reduce the cost of your divorce. Not only does fighting cause more anger and stress, it also costs a lot more. If at all possible, try to work out the details between yourselves and save money and heartache.

Another factor that helps determine how much your divorce will cost is where you live. The cost of attorney fees and court costs vary state by state. How long your divorce will take also depends on what state you live in and how well you and your spouse can agree on financial decisions, child visitations and division of property.

If you need full representation by an attorney, the total of how much your divorce will cost will be much higher. Again, if you and your spouse can be agreeable, your cost will go down if you only need an attorney for a consult. While getting along with your spouse is probably the last thing you want to do, it is much better for you financially and emotionally, not to mention it is better for your children.

How much your divorce will cost also depends on how many people, such as real estate appraisers, child custody evaluators or tax advisor, you need to hire. If you and your spouse cannot agree, a mediator might be an option for you instead of choosing full representation by an attorney. A mediator will evaluate both sides of decisions and help you make sensible and fair decisions.

Nationally, the cost of a divorce averages between $4000 and $5000. Some people end up paying tens of thousands of dollars because they fight about every decision. Other people may only pay a few hundred if they can make decisions together and file their own paperwork. Remember, if you want to keep the cost of your divorce down, you will need to work with your spouse to make decisions.

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