When is the Best Time to Get a Divorce?

When to get a divorce

As crazy as it may sound, there are some people who try to plan their divorces so that their court date does not occur near any special days of the year.  While this may seem like a good plan, every divorce has its own time table and nothing you do will ensure that your final day of being married occurs when you want it to.  When to get a divorce is when you realize that it is what you want or need and not whether it will affect a holiday.

There are many things you cannot control about how long it will take to get your divorce so there is no best time.  Getting a divorce is difficult enough without trying to make sure you are done by Christmas or your child’s birthday.  The best way to shorten your divorce proceeding is for you and your spouse to work together to make decisions instead of fighting over little details that neither of you really care about anyway.  The longer you argue, the more your divorce will cost you, both financially and emotionally.

When to get a divorce is something only you can decide.  Prepare yourself for a long ordeal of paperwork, offers, counter-offers and court dates if you and your spouse cannot agree on everything.  Your divorce could be finished in less than two months if you work together – it could drag out for years if you fight.

Your divorce will have an effect on your holiday and special occasions for several years.  You will not be able to avoid that so why stress over the best time to file paperwork and hope to be done by the holiday season?  When you decide your marriage is over, file the necessary paperwork and prepare to move on with your life.

If at all possible, work with your spouse to make decisions.  It may seem impossible, but try to ignore your anger and hurt for a few hours and make decisions that are best for you and your children.  Remember that your children are innocent in your divorce and you should never try to use them to hurt their other parent. If you both think of what is best for them, you will be able to make decisions and work through your divorce quickly.

Choose when to get your divorce based on your own wants and needs, not on the calendar.  You simply cannot plan how long it will take to finalize your divorce.

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