Can I Ask my Spouse to Pay for the Divorce?

The Cost of a Divorce

Expenses for divorce can quickly can out of control unless both spouses agree that the best situation for their family would be an amicable divorce. In this type of divorce, the couple works together to reach a settlement. This saves time, money and stress and is something every couple should work toward.

If you and your spouse are working toward an amicable divorce, you can certainly ask your spouse to pay for the expenses or a larger share of them. If your spouse makes more money than you do, he/she may be willing to pay for the divorce so you can file sooner. Even if you make as much as your spouse, you can still ask if the costs of the divorce can be included in the settlement.

Your spouse may be more willing to pay for everything if the divorce is his/her idea or if they were the cause (such as being unfaithful) for the divorce. Even if neither of these situations is true, you can always ask your spouse to pay the expenses, but should be prepared to be told no. You will need to decide whether this is reason enough to fight in court or if you are willing to pay you share so you can have the divorce finalized quicker.

While an amicable divorce is always better for the family, if you and your spouse cannot work together, you can still ask for the expenses to be paid by your spouse. Just remember that everything you ask for may be another reason to fight in court and will add expenses to the final cost. Again, you will have to decide whether trying to force your spouse to pay for the costs of the divorce is worth fighting in court and dragging the divorce on for months.

Remember that if you and your spouse work together to reach a settlement, the cost of your divorce will only be a few hundred dollars in most cases. You should still have a lawyer look over your settlement before you file it to be sure everything that needs to be covered is in the agreement. Most lawyers will not charge much for this service and you will have peace of mind that your agreement will hold up when it is examined by the court.

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