Can I File Divorce Online

Even though it may seem like the process would be faster if you filed your divorce papers online, it simply cannot be done.  There are many sites available that provide the forms you need, but you cannot file them online.  All divorce papers have to be filed in your county clerk of court’s office.

If you decide to print the forms you need from the internet, be sure that you are choosing the correct forms for your state.  Some sites will allow you to fill the paperwork out online and then print the completed forms, while other sites only provide the forms.  You need to print them and the fill out.

Working with your spouse towards a settlement is the best thing you can do.  Amicable divorces are easier on everyone as they are usually quicker and involve a lot less fighting.  You simply sit down with your spouse and work out an agreement you are both satisfied with.  This may not be possible to accomplish in one meeting, so be prepared to spend a little time on the agreement.

Not only is an amicable divorce quicker, but it is much less expensive.  You and your spouse will save lawyer fees by making decisions together and not fighting over items you don’t really want anyway.  The worst thing you can do is to try and get something that you know your spouse wants only to be spiteful.  List just what you need and start compromising about the big decisions.

The hardest part of the settlement may be deciding what is best for your children.  Child support and visitation are emotional decisions for both parents.  If you cannot decide what will work, you can hire a mediator to help you finish your agreement.

Once you fill out the paperwork you have printed, it may be a good idea to have a lawyer look over the agreement before you file it.  Find a lawyer who is experienced with family law and hire him/her to make sure your agreement is something the court will approve.  There are so many decisions to make, you are sure to forget something.  Your lawyer can advise you on anything that was forgotten or written incorrectly.

In this tech world, it seems like filing for divorce online is something we should be able to do, but so far, no states allow it.  Every state requires that you appear in court for your divorce to be finalized.

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