Your Christian Faith and Divorce

For those who are religious, a pending divorce can seem like a sin.  Some religions do have strict laws for divorcing your spouse.  The Catholic Church will not recognize a divorce until the couple receives an annulment through the church.  Since 75% of Americans state they are Christians, they do not need any notice from their church but it can still be difficult to deal with possible any guilt they may feel from not keeping their marriage vows.

Some divorces are caused by differences in religion.  Your marriage cannot be sacred if you and your spouse are fighting over how to worship God – or even if God exists.  You need to be free to worship and believe in your own way and if your spouse cannot support you, it can cause pain and anger.  Before considering divorce, make every effort to communicate your needs and faith to your spouse.

If getting a divorce seems to be the only answer, you may feel guilt when it is final.  You may feel that you let God down and did not follow what He wanted you to do.  God does not want anyone to be in pain, so let go of the guilt and focus on healing and growing in your faith.

There are many ways you can do this.  If you do not attend church regularly, find one where you feel comfortable and begin attending each week.  Join the choir or volunteer with a mission they may have that you would enjoy.  The important thing is to surround yourself with people who have the same faith that you do and let their love and friendship help you heal.

Schedule a time to speak privately with your pastor.  He/she can offer you advice and sometimes, just a listening ear is all we need to feel better.  Avoid anyone who tries to lecture you about your divorce.  The last thing you need is any negativity in your life. If that person simply will not stop, remind them that it takes two people to make a marriage work and your ex spouse was not willing. You can also remind him/her that they did not live in your home and have no idea of what problems were occurring.

Volunteering in the church is a great way to feel better.  Helping others will take your mind off of your problems and allow you time to reflect on your faith and heal from your divorce.  Never doubt that you can be divorced and still be a Christian.

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