Divorce Mediation

All too often, when a couple divorces, making their spouse suffer is what everyone is thinking about.  Spouses fight over silly items that no one really cares about just to hurt each other and forget that everything they fight over add to the length and cost of their divorce.  Instead, couples should focus on working together to end their marriage on an amicable note so they can both move on to happier lives.

Divorce mediation is a great way to work with your spouse to design an agreement that satisfies both of you and allows you to finalize your divorce much faster.  A divorce mediator is a person, often an attorney, who has received specialized training in mediating, or helping couples learn ways to work together to make the best decisions for their family.

A mediator is a neutral party – no matter which spouse hires him/her.  Your mediator will help you and your spouse communicate with each other to see what you each need and want.  Your rights will also be explained to you so you will know exactly what you are entitled to.  They will want to see all of your financial statements and lists of personal property and then will help you plan an agreement that should satisfy the court system.  Even if you and your spouse are arguing, the mediator can still offer ways to help you find an agreement you can both be happy with.

Your divorce mediator will offer many suggestions for your settlement, including options for child support and visitation, retirement plans and taxes.  You do not have to use any of the suggestions, but your mediator is aware of what the courts in your area expect to see in divorce settlements.  You would be wise to consider each solution that is offered.

As much as you may want to “stick it” to your spouse, remember that your children are trying to cope with this divorce, too, and the longer you fight with their other parent, the harder it will be for them.  Your children should always be your main concern in the divorce process and having an amicable divorce through divorce mediation will allow all of you to move on easier.

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