Are Divorce Papers I Print from the Internet Legal?

Many websites have the necessary papers couples need to file for divorce.  These can be printed and filled out by you or you can enter the information on your computer and they will be filled out when you print them.  However, you cannot file for divorce online.  You will have to submit your paperwork to your local county clerk of court office and pay any fees.  There is no state that will allow you to file for divorce on the internet and have it finalized.  Every couple that files for divorce will have to appear in front of a judge before the divorce can be final.
The papers you print from the internet are legal, if they are filled out properly.  If you are lucky enough to be able to reach a settlement with your spouse, you can fill out the papers and file them locally. Even if you are both comfortable with the settlement, it is still a good idea to have an attorney look at your paperwork before you file them.  There are many details that need to be covered in divorces that you may not think about.
If you decide to print papers from the computer, make sure you are choosing the best set of papers for your situation.  Each state has different guidelines for what it considered legal in that state.  Most sites have papers for every state – if the site you are looking at does not, it would be better to find another site.
It may seem much easier to print your divorce papers online, but if you still plan to have an attorney look at them, it may be best to hire an attorney to write the papers for you.  If you and your spouse have reached an agreement, it will not cost much to have an attorney draft the papers for you and you will know for sure that everything is completed as it should be.  Your divorce will have affects on the rest of your life and you don’t want any surprises coming as a result of the paperwork not being filled out correctly.
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