Is a Do It Yourself Divorce Possible?

amicable divorce

With everyone else that we can do ourselves, it seems like a divorce should be possible, too.  Unfortunately, a do-it-yourself divorce is not possible if you are thinking you can write the settlement, file the papers and get it finalized without anyone else involved.

However, if you are thinking about writing your own divorce settlement, then filing the paperwork, you can have a do-it-yourself divorce.  If you and your spouse are able to compromise, you can print divorce papers online and create your own divorce settlement.  An amicable divorce will be quick and much less expensive for both of you.

Once you have printed your divorce papers online (make sure you print the ones for your state) you and your spouse can begin to fill them out.  After you have them completed, it is in your best interest to have an attorney check your agreement before you file the paperwork.  This isn’t a necessity, but for your sake, you need to be sure everything that needs to be addressed is in the settlement and that it is fair to both of you.

You and your spouse will have to appear in court and testify to a judge that you have agreed to the settlement of your own free will and that no one has coerced you into signing papers that you don’t agree with or understand.  Whether you hire an attorney to do everything or you write your own settlement, you will have to appear in court.

A completely do-it-yourself divorce is not possible.  Every couple that wants a divorce has to go to court.  For the quick divorce you want, the best route is to work together for an amicable (friendly) divorce.  Remember that friendly does not mean you are friends.  That would be too much to expect from most divorcing couples.  It simply means that you can say hello to each other and not start screaming as soon as you see each other.

An amicable divorce is the closest thing to a do-it-yourself divorce that you will be able to do.  Sit down and compromise with each other to save money and time, not to mention the heartache and stress on both of you and your children.

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