Divorce Warning:
“Bright Light” Syndrome is Costing You Thousands…
Secret Formula Slashes Divorce Costs by 50%!
(What Every Divorcee Must Know Right Now…)
If you’re going through a divorce, discovering the secret behind what I call “bright light” syndrome may quickly prove this to be the most important letter you ever read…

Hi! My name is Rick Banks, and I’m a divorce lawyer.Over the past 20 years, I’ve logged tens of thousands of hours, watching countless men and women unnecessarily throw away two of the most valuable commodities you possess right now:

-Peggy McColl,

New York Times Best Selling Author

“Rick Banks includes some of the most important advice you will ever receive to help you experience a healthy and happy divorce. …heed it, and enjoy finding your way back to joy”

That’s right, intelligent people just like you, making honest mistakes, spend (on average) twice as much as they need, to get divorced.
The end result? Many finish divorce broke, emotionally bitter and jaded, living way below an acceptable comfort level!
I can’t deny it: divorce exacts a terrible “cost” on everyone. Financially, emotionally, socially… it’s truly staggering to see the devastation the break-up of a marriage brings.
After watching these bleak situations unfold for a few years, I began finding strategies people could use to avoid some of the pain. I noticed a connection between the money spent, and the emotional cost. I discovered many ways to save on my clients emotional and financial costs…
Over time, I developed a formula that I began to share with my own divorce clients. I had them go through exercises, and complete easy questionnaires, and model certain behaviors…
The results were astounding.
I quickly standardized my process and built a system. Seeing first-hand, how this formula works has translated into millions of dollars saved, for my clients. But, more than the money, the secrets I share directly translate into more happiness during your divorce, and a dramatically richer life, after your divorce is over.
How Valuable is this?
Over the years, I’ve worked to document the value of this incredible formula. Every time I give away the exact strategies you’re about to have, divorcees go through a breath-taking visual transformation:
It’s the happy spring in their step… The way they communicate optimism and hope… The words they use when talking to (or about) their ex-spouse…
The bitterness and stress melts away, and quite frankly, a lot of my clients actually look younger. It’s a fantastic stress-busting system!
But the easiest way to measure the benefit you’ll see is by averaging the money you WON’T spend on lawyers…
Everybody knows how much attorney fees can skyrocket. Most experts say the average cost of a divorce is around $20,000 or more.
Let me ask you:
If I could save you 50% on the cost of your divorce, what would you do with an extra $10,000 (or more), when this is all over?

Remember, that’s on the low end. If you’ve got significant assets, my “bright light” secrets could mean much, much more to you.

Here’s a story to explain how this works:
Have you ever “fallen in love” with something you bought in the store, only to get it home and realize you’d made a huge mistake?

Of course you have -- we all make purchases we later realized were wrong, for one reason or another. The reason this happens is typically because these items are “first time” or “one-time only” purchases.
I call these “bright light” purchases, because they look good under the bright lights in the store… but when seen in the regular light of everyday life, they often disappoint.

To avoid the bad decisions 80% of “bright light” sufferers make, means you can move on with your life faster, happier and richer.


Well everything, actually: you see, except for a very few people, a divorce is a one-time “purchase.” So, it’s to be expected you’ll make some mistakes…

But the stakes are simply TOO HIGH to afford any mis-steps here!

And that’s why my message here is so incredibly crucial for you, right now:

Unlike something you can swap out next time you’re at Target, the impact of your decisions over the next weeks and months will have a major impact on the rest of your life!


But not only your life…

If you’ve got kids, friends, relatives, a business or other family members… a divorce carries heavy potential damages for everyone and everything in your entire sphere of influence!


But to avoid these common problems, you’ve got to know what others don’t. In short, you need the eyes and ears of someone just like me: with 20 years’ experience, wisdom and knowledge…

You need a foolproof system to guide you past the pitfalls of emotional miscalculation. A shield to protect you from the blunders other people make, a “vaccine” that prevents disaster…

I have created this very system, and in just a moment I’ll show you how to get it!

Now, remember: Your lawyer will give you some of these things… but as a lawyer myself, you must know: he or she will NOT give you all you need.

And what’s more, you’ll know everything the lawyers know (and maybe a good bit more) which means you won’t lose sleep through this process…

…and you know how much a good night’s sleep is worth!


Everything you’ll need for a successful divorce is found inside my  powerful “Win Your Divorce” workbook. It’s the most complete solution on the market. It contains every last nugget of golden advice I’ve learned over my long career.

You’ll find answers to every question you’ll have, along with helpful guidance. It’s packed full of insight and contains useful suggestions. What’s more, it provides the best single strategy that few, if any, divorcing people even think of!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be getting, summed up here, in a single sentence:

“…a friendly divorce doesn’t mean

you have to be friends, it just means

you aren’t going to be enemies.”

(Inside the workbook, I’ll teach you how to live this winning philosophy.)

Just check out this partial list of what you’ll discover inside my comprehensive workbook:

Why others struggle with emotions, and the simple trick you can use to beat the blues, and make your spouse wonder what your secret is!

How to find the best lawyer for you, and when to “pull the trigger” on a 100% legal way to pay as little as half in fees!

The top 10 questions to ask any prospective attorney before you hire them (and how you can know when it’s time to walk away from a bad one!)

The best ways to protect your assets and how to get your spouse to go along with all your desires.

3 strange tips for having normally uncomfortable money discussions painlessly and easily.

A sure-fire way to uncover hidden charges in your divorce and what to do about them.

How to avoid miscommunications, mis-cues and the typical delays that result!

3 Unusual custody strategies that will tip the scales of justice heavily in your favor.