Do Dads have the Same Rights as Moms during a Divorce?

It is a popular belief that in many divorce cases, the mom always gets a better deal than the dad.  Most people think that mom always gets the kids, the house and all the money she needs to care for everything.  As true as this may seem, it simply is not the case.

Dads have the same rights as moms when it comes to child custody, visitation rights and the amount of child support that will be paid.  It may seem like mom always gets the better deal because most courts believe it is in the best interest of the children to stay in the family home and with the person who has cared for them the most.  These days, that is just as likely to be dad, but popular misconceptions take a long time to be forgotten.

When you are filing for divorce, you want what is best for your children.  You want to do whatever it takes to help them cope with the divorce and the less upheaval they have to go through, the easier dealing with the divorce will be on them.  Even if mom gets residential custody of the children, dad has every right that she does.

He has the right to be informed of any school issues or programs.  He should be told of any medical problems and be listed on the child’s privacy list at the doctor’s office.  Any time the children are involved in activities, he needs to be told the details so he can attend, too.  Mom may not like seeing him at these events, but it is better for the children to see both parents want to cheer them on!

If you want to be sure you each have the same rights in your divorce, working together towards an amicable divorce in the best choice for you.  In this scenario, you each get to say what you want and need in your settlement and then work out a compromise.  Your divorce will be a lot less expensive and be final much faster, too.  If your case has to be presented in front of a judge, you will have little choice in what happens.

The judge will do what he/she believes is best for the children.  Once the judge makes his/her decisions, it will be final and you will have to follow your decree.  If you don’t want to feel as if your spouse “gets it all”, filing an amicable divorce is the best option.  This way, you will get your voice heard and will know that you have fought for your rights as a dad.

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