Do it Yourself Divorce: Is it Possible?

Do it yourself divorce

So you and your partner have decided to call it quits and are ready to go separate ways. But do you know that a simple divorce costs ridiculously high these days? A lot of couples don’t have the finance ready to deal with the hefty expenses of a divorce. But that does not mean that the doors of divorce are closed to them.

Yes, it is indeed possible to have a do it yourself divorce with no attorney and no strings of additional costs attached. But are you a good candidate to go attorney-less in the divorce storm? Is it really a good idea and if it is, what should one be expecting from the process?

Decide If You Really Are Eligible For A Do It Yourself Divorce…

So you say you are ready to get the divorce sorted without involving any attorney. But does your spouse think the same? Ideally, you can go for a do it yourself divorce if you and your spouse are:

  • Agreed that the settlement is simple, fair and reasonable.
  • Parting on friendly and mutually agreed terms.
  • In agreement about the division of assets, support, alimony, finances, property, debts etc.
  • Comfortable with the idea of child custody or sharing parenting time.
  • Not too angry or resilient with situation or don’t have unresolved issues in the midst that can cause fights later on.
  • Willing to put in your time for issues such as documentation and paperwork for child custody and division of assets.

Understand the Process

Before you make your mind for do it yourself divorce, it is really important to understand the process in detail and discuss it with your spouse. Having flared tempers and unnecessary conflicts on even the smallest of issues can stretch the divorce proceedings to months. Therefore, it pays to have some restraint and compromise on the solution to reach a mutually beneficial decision. Divorce, be it for any reason, is always a painful ordeal and with your emotions running high, it is best to sort out matters out of court without getting into an endless battle that is only going to hurt you in the future.

Get Professional Help

So you and your ex aren’t exactly parting on really friendly terms. But that does not mean that you can’t go for a do it yourself divorce and save thousands of dollars worth of court charges and attorney fee. Nobody likes to go through a painfully long ordeal in court and spend weeks waiting for the process to finally get over officially.

In all such cases, seeking divorce mediation with an experienced professional is the best idea. With divorce mediation, you can sort all of your differences in just a few hours and go forward with your life without any hassle and worry. Plus, it saves you from weeks of arguments and misery that normally surrounds the dreaded concept of divorce.

Are you thinking about a friendly and simple do it yourself divorce? Go for divorce mediation to consider all your options today.

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