Is Falling out of Love the Top Reason for Divorce?

Often, people believe the top reason that any couple files for divorce is because someone had an affair and the other spouse cannot forgive their spouse. While infidelity is a reason for divorce, it is not the top reason. You may be surprised that falling out of love is one of top reasons for divorce.

Spouses may not even realize it is happening to them. With everyone’s lives being so busy, it is easy to forget the work on your relationship with your spouse, too. Most of the time, the neglect isn’t on purpose, it just happens. If you and your spouse are both committed to working on the relationship, you may be able to regain that lost love. It takes a lot of work and you may want to find a counselor to help you.

Many divorced couples state that the loss of love is the reason for many problems in their marriage. Infidelity can be the result of missing emotions in the relationship. Loss of respect is another top reason for divorce and this can be caused by many issues, from being unfaithful to other behaviors the spouse does not agree with. The loss of respect is often harder to overcome than the loss of love. Love often develops after respect. Few people will fall in love with someone they cannot respect.

Financial issues are another reason that couples file for divorce. Money can be especially problematic if one spouse is a saver and the other likes to spend money. Being married to someone who is your opposite with money does not mean you will end up divorced, though. It just means that you will have to set some guidelines for each of you to follow to reduce fighting over money.

Religious differences are another cause for many divorces. When a couple is newly in love, it seems as though they can overcome any differences in their religious beliefs. Often, when children are born, couples realize that their beliefs are more deeply imbedded than they thought and that they want their child to be raised as they were.

Falling out of love is a reason for divorce, but there are many others. It is a myth that every divorce is caused by an affair. Every couple has their own private reasons for their divorce. Even couples that appear to be happy can have hidden pain. While divorce is the last thing anyone wants, you need to do what is best for you and your family.

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