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It took me several years to finally realize my marriage was not working and I needed to be away from my husband.  Making the decision to file for divorce was not easy, but when I looked at my children and saw how our home-like was affecting them, I knew I had to do it.  I had no idea how to look for a divorce attorney so I just asked a friend who she had used and called her lawyer.

I would never recommend this to anyone.  Asking friends and family is a great way to start, but you need to talk to the lawyer to make sure you are as comfortable with that person as your friends were.  You will have to be able to discuss very private details of your life with this person and if you aren’t comfortable doing that, the next few months will be even more difficult.

You will have to talk about financial matters, what is causing you to file for divorce and many other things.  It is not easy, but in some ways, it is easier talking to a stranger than a friend.  Remember to be completely honest with your attorney, even if you are embarrassed about your actions.  He/she is there to help you through this difficult time, not judge you for your actions.

I was so lucky to have my attorney.  I had special circumstances with my children (two of them are special needs) and he knew the laws pertaining to financial support of special needs children and could advise me on what I needed to plan for.  I had no idea that the law provided extra help for them and was grateful that he did.

My first meeting with him was hard.  I knew this was what I wanted and needed, but when I walked in, all I could do was cry.  He was very understanding and gave me time to get control and tell him what I needed.  A month or so later, I needed to stop in his office and sign a paper and had the kids with me.  He even took a few minutes to talk to them and answer a few questions they had.

I wish everyone could find a divorce attorney like I had.  I didn’t call him often, but when I did, he was always kind and patient with my questions.  If he didn’t know the answer, he was honest and said he would check and get back to me.  In California, if you want an attorney like mine, you need to contact Rick Banks to help you through your divorce.

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