What is the Best Way to get a Quick Divorce?

Quick Divorce

Deciding to file for divorce is one of the hardest decisions many people ever make.  Once the decision has been made, getting it finalized quickly is what everyone wants.  Unfortunately, there is no procedure for a guaranteed quick divorce.  To get your divorce finalized quickly, there are a few things you and your spouse can do.

The best, and easiest, thing you and your spouse can do to get a quick divorce is to work together for an amicable divorce.  This may seem nearly impossible to think about if you have been fighting for a long time, but you will save so much time and money working together to find a fair settlement that you simply have to try.  Most divorces take so long because the couple is fighting over the little details in the settlement.

If you can create your own settlement agreement, you will save months of court appearances and meetings with lawyers.  The reality is, if you agree to work towards an amicable divorce, your divorce could be final in as little as a few months. You can print divorce papers online and fill them in to save even more time.  Remember that even if you have designed a settlement together, it is still a great idea to have an attorney look it over before you file it.

This document will have an effect on the rest of your life and you want to be sure everything that needs to be addressed is in the agreement.  Most lawyers will only charge a small fee to check your settlement and it will be well worth the money if you missed something.

Once your papers are filed, you will receive a date to appear in court before a judge. Both of you will have to testify that you are there of your own free will and that you agree with the settlement.  If the judge finds your settlement fair, it will be signed and your divorce will be final.  An amicable divorce is the best way to get a quick divorce.

If you simply cannot work together, a divorce mediator may be a good option for you.  He/she will listen to what each of your wants and needs before offering suggestions for your settlement that you may not have considered.  A mediator can help you get the quick divorce you want.

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