Why do I have to Hire a Lawyer for my Divorce?

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In our world of do-it-yourself everything, it is easy to imagine a divorce that you could do without hiring an attorney.  In reality, you do not have to have an attorney to file for divorce.  You and your spouse can print the needed paperwork from the internet and file everything on your own.

This may seem to be the way to go because you will be saving money and hassle.  Why would you need to hire someone to look at papers that you and your spouse have filled out?   After all, you have agreed on everything and the details are spelled out in your agreement.  You are sure you have thought of everything and plan to file your paperwork on your own.

The problem is, you may not have thought of every detail.  Your divorce agreement will affect your life for many years, if not the rest of your life.  Do you really want to risk your financial life and the lives of your children because you missed a detail in the settlement?

It is true that lawyer fees can be expensive, but if you all need is someone to look over your divorce agreement, the fee will be inexpensive and could save you thousands of dollars in the future – not to mention the care of your children.  Can you really afford to take that chance that you neglected to address something in your divorce settlement?

If you are lucky enough to be able to have an amicable divorce with your spouse, you can print the necessary paperwork from the internet and fill in the details yourself.  After you are done, hire an attorney to check the details and make sure that your agreement is complete and nothing has been missed.  Did you think to address income taxes?  Retirement?  Social Security or investments?  Many people think an amicable divorce settlement only addresses spousal and child support and the visitation plans for your children.  There is so much more than that.

An attorney who specializes in family law can point out areas that you may have missed or not addressed correctly.  You don’t want your life to rest on what you “think” may be right.  You need an attorney to make sure everything is correct and fair to you both.

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