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Win your divorce financially, emotionally & socially

15 Years of Experience...

Rick D.Banks

Rick D. Banks is a divorce attorney/mediator, author, husband and father in California. After years of seeing how the legal system often makes divorces harder than they have to be - both financially and emotionally, Rick decided to share the tips and techniques that most divorce attorneys don't want their clients to know about, so he wrote Win Your Divorce: Financially, Emotionally, Socially.

Rick's passion is to help people work through their divorces with as little trauma as possible, rather than going through the typical court-fought divorce. Win Your Divorce shows how people can save thousands, and often tens of thousands of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere (e.g., like their children's college funds, or vacations, or purchasing a home, etc.)

Hailed as ‘The Unofficial Divorce Playbook!’

with special sections devoted to:

  • what documents you’ll need
  • how to handle issues of support & custody
  • how to move on after the divorce

This is the ultimate guide to getting a mediated divorce. Even if you opt for a traditional, lawyer negotiated divorce, the value of this book as a guide and tool cannot be denied!

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