How can I Get a Quick Divorce

When people want something done quickly, they usually turn to the internet to find the fastest way.  Many people even believe that you can file for divorce online and be done in just a few days.  This is a huge myth!  It is not possible to file for a quick divorce online.  The only thing you can do for your divorce online is print the forms that you need.

Everyone wants a quick divorce and luckily, a quick divorce is at least somewhat in your control.  The best way to get your quick divorce is by working with your spouse to design a settlement that satisfies both of you.  It may not seem like working together for a compromise is possible, but if you want that quick divorce, this is how to do it.

When you are working on your divorce agreement, try to take all emotions out of the process.  This won’t be easy, but think of your settlement as a business deal and not the end of your marriage.  Yes, this may seem cold, but if you are emotionally attached to everything, you won’t be able to compromise and get what you really want and need.


Don’t try to create your entire divorce settlement in one meeting.  There is simply too much to discuss.  Pick one goal, such as child visitation, for each meeting and work only on that.  If it turns out that you cannot compromise together, consider hiring a mediator to help you.  You will still be able to get your quick divorce by using mediation.

A mediator is someone who has been trained in helping couples work together to create an agreement.  He/she will listen to both sides and then offer suggestions to help you create a settlement that will satisfy both of you and the court. You don’t have to use any of the suggestions, but if you want a quick divorce, you should definitely consider what the mediator suggests.

Fighting with your spouse about the details of your settlement is what causes divorces to drag on for months or even years.  Don’t think of compromising as giving in to your spouse, but as gaining your freedom faster.  You may not like the idea of discussing the details with him/her, but you will get your quick divorce if you do.

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