How can we Decide who gets to Keep our Dogs?

In some families, pets are members of the family and not possessions.  They are as spoiled and loved as children and when their “parents” divorce deciding who gets custody of the dogs can be a long battle.  Since courts perceive pets as property, you and your spouse may have to make the decision of where your pets live after the divorce.

Courts have too many important decisions to make to worry about the best placement for your favorite four-legged friends.  Judges are worried about your children and how to divide assets and not your dogs.  Deciding who gets custody of your pets will more than likely be left up to you and your spouse.

There have been divorces that drag on for years because the couple is fighting over custody of the family pet.  For anyone who doesn’t have a pet, this may seem incredible, but for those who consider pets family, it doesn’t seem so farfetched after all.  Neither of you will want to give up your beloved animals but someone will have to let go.

Remember that your pets will feel stress just as much as you do.  They may begin to act out (chew on furniture, bark constantly or even go to the bathroom in the house) to show you how upset they are.  If you truly love your animals, you don’t want to put them through anymore than you have to.

Perhaps you can set up a schedule for visitation.  Consider your pet’s personality before you move your pet back and forth too often.  Some animals prefer stability over visits.  Again, your pets will let you know if they become overwhelmed by too much traveling.  You and your spouse will have to make the best decision for your pets.

If your spouse gets “custody” you may consider adopting another pet.  There are shelters full of animals that are desperate for a new home.  You can’t replace your pet, but you can help another animal who needs a forever home.  Consider adopting a new brother or sister for your “fur-baby” to play with when he/she comes to visit.

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