How Counseling can Help you Deal with Divorce

So many people believe that counseling is just sitting and talking to someone, so why not just talk to your friends about your problems dealing with your divorce?  It’s simple, really – your friends may only tell you what they think you want to hear and not what you need to hear.  Another reason is that as much as they love you, they are not trained in recognizing serious emotional issues.

Everyone needs to find the best way to deal with their divorce.  Some people can work through their issues on their own and bounce back to normal in a few months.  Others may take a little longer, but they deal with the divorce and move on.  For others, divorce is a devastating process and extra help is needed.

Deciding to meet with a counselor is not a sign of weakness!  In fact, it is the opposite.  Knowing when you need help is a sign of strength!  For many people, asking for help is very difficult and they may suffer much longer than necessary because they simply cannot speak up.


A counselor will listen to everything you say and you never have to worry about anyone outside of that room ever hearing what you have to say. (Be aware, though, your counselor has an obligation to report any credible threats you make or if you admit to abusing a child).  The best part about talking to a counselor is that you can vent or cry or just talk and it’s all fine.

Your counselor will give you the time you need for crying or for cussing about your ex.  Friends and family may not understand your need to talk about good times you had with your ex.  You may be surprised at what you share when you know you won’t be judged by the listener.

Some people become depressed or have severe anxiety when they are dealing with divorce.  A counselor can recognize the signs of these and offer suggestions to help you overcome the condition and begin to heal.  Medications are sometimes needed to help you get through a particularly difficult time.  Again, you should never feel embarrassed for needing help.  We all have our breaking points!

If you have tried dealing with your divorce on your own and are still not feeling any better, it may be time to contact a counselor.  Let him/her listen to you and offer suggestions to help you begin the healing process.

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