How do I File Online Divorce Papers?

Many websites provide the papers you need to file for divorce.  Every state has different rules, so make sure you choose the papers for your state if you decide to print your forms from the internet.  You may have the option of filling out the paperwork and print the completed forms or you can print blank forms.


If you are lucky enough that you and your spouse can file an amicable divorce, you can use the papers you print from the internet to begin the settlement process.  All of the decisions you need to make will be addressed in those papers.  Once the online divorce papers are completed, you will both need to sign them.

The papers are ready to be filed now, but it is usually a good idea to have an attorney look over the decisions you have made.  While you and your spouse may think everything is in order, the agreement is too important for you to take a chance that you missed something.  Most attorneys won’t charge much just to check your agreement.

Once you have had the settlement checked, it’s time to file for divorce.  You cannot file divorce papers online – they can only be filed at your local clerk of court office.  No state will allow online divorces.  There will be fees that need to be paid at the time you file your papers.  You can call the court to see how much these will be and ask your spouse to pay all or half of the amount.

A few weeks (or longer – it depends on the court’s schedule) later, you will receive a date for your court appearance.  This sounds much scarier than it really is.  Everyone who files for divorce must appear in front of a judge and testify that they are there of their own free will and that they agree with the settlement as proposed.  There is no way around a court appearance as much as you would like to avoid it.

After the judge is satisfied with the proposed settlement and has heard each of you testify, he/she will issue your divorce decree and you will be divorced.  There is no shortcut to this point.  As much as you want a quick divorce, the best thing you can do is to work with your spouse to make decisions and file an amicable divorce.  Using the internet will only give you the papers you need – you still have to file the paperwork locally and appear in court.

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