How Long will my Divorce Take?

When you begin to think about filing for divorce, one of the biggest questions in your mind will probably be “How long will this take?”  You may also be thinking about how much it will cost.  You will be relieved to know that the length of time it takes to get your divorce and the cost of your divorce are largely in your (and your spouse’s) hands.

Most of the time, divorces that take many months (or years!) are caused by a couple who cannot agree on anything or want to make their spouse suffer as much as possible.  Not only is this not a healthy way to live, but it can cost you thousands of dollars in lawyer fees.  If you truly want a quick divorce, and to save money, too, the best way you can do it is to work with your spouse for an amicable divorce.


An amicable divorce doesn’t mean you agree with your spouse about everything.  It means that you are willing to compromise to reach a settlement that you are both satisfied with and fulfills your needs.  If you cannot work together without yelling at each other, consider hiring a mediator to help you decide on an agreement.  A mediator isn’t cheap, but hiring one will be much less expensive than fighting in court for months.

If you can file an amicable divorce, your divorce may be final in just a few months.  You will need to file the divorce petition and wait for a court date.  How quickly you get a date for your court appearance depends on the court’s schedule and there is nothing you can do but what for your appointment.  You will both have to testify that you are there of your own free will and that you agree with what is in the settlement you submitted.

Divorce often brings out the worse in people.  Anger and hurt can cause you to make decisions that you normally wouldn’t consider.  Keep in mind that the more you try to hurt your spouse, the longer and more expensive your divorce will take.  Let go of your anger and try to work with your spouse.  Not only will it save you money and anxiety, but the sooner your divorce is final, the sooner you and your children can move on to the healing process.

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