How to Prepare for Divorce: Some Common Myths You Should Know About

How to Prepare for Divorce

Myths about Divorce Mediation and a Friendly Divorce

Do you want to know how to prepare for divorce without spending a lot of money and time? Divorce mediation is the answer. However, the concept is often misinterpreted – and the myths flying around can make it difficult for couples already going through the toughest phase of their life to make a decision that actually pays off. Be it your family members or even seasoned attorneys, most of the time the alternative of friendly divorce is not considered and this leads to months of misery going through a painful and expensive court process. Today, more than 50% of American couples are able to resolve their differences mutually in just a few hours without spending thousands of dollars. Divorce mediation by a professional does not mean reconciliation or giving up – it is actually a way to WIN YOUR DIVORCE through mature, mutual discussion. The benefits are endless – you save yourself time and money, keep your kids out of the pain and confusion of it all and most importantly, start over your life with a fresh new perspective. But first things first, here are a few common myths about divorce mediation that will help you learn how to prepare for divorce and decide whether or not a friendly divorce is the best way out for you. Check them out:

Myth #1:  Divorce Mediation Means You Are Giving Up and Hoping To Reconcile

One of the most common myths out there, divorce mediation does not mean giving up on your happiness and going forward that a decision that you have to force upon yourself. People change and fall out of love, its natural. But that does not mean you have to go through with something on which your heart does not agree. Divorce mediation actually gives you the professional outlook on how to prepare for divorce and gain the courage to get your feelings out in the open. At the end of the day, it gives you both a chance to make amends and start over without any bitter emotions holding you back.

Myth #2: You Have To Be FRIENDS With Your Spouse To Have A Friendly Divorce…

Again, not true. You don’t have to be best buds with your spouse to opt for mediation. You don’t even have to like each other or force yourself for something that you don’t want to. Instead, a friendly divorce means that you treat each other with respect and talk face to face like two mature adults. Yes, sometimes the best of relationships have to end. But that does not mean that they have to end on a bitter note. Talk to each other without going off the handle and listen to the other person. It will save you from a lot of hassle and heartache in the future, trust me.

Myth # 3: A Friendly Divorce Means You Are Compromising On Everything from Your Assets to Child Custody

Actually it is the other way round. A professionally mediated divorce does not mean you let your spouse walk all over you especially if you are too intimidated by them. Rather, it gives you a chance to have an equal say in everything and mutually decide how to prepare for divorce. It eliminates all the stress, frustration and anger bottled up inside and lets you resolve all the issues that you have had with your spouse in the past with a mature air. Plus, you also get to realize your mistakes and play your part in rectifying them so you both can go about your lives without any emotional baggage holding you back. Why subject yourself to weeks of pain when there is an easy way out? Why battle it out with your ex when you can part ways in a friendly note? Don’t make your divorce turn out to be the worst nightmare of your life, resolve your issues quickly and easily with a friendly divorce. Learn how to prepare for divorce with professional divorce mediation.

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