How to Split Marital Property

Do it yourself divorce

After hearing all of the details of so many superstar divorces, it can be easy to imagine that your divorce will cost thousands of dollars and take years to finalize.  Your divorce does not have to be like one of the Kardashian’s, though.  You may be able to get your divorce for only a few hundred dollars.

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.  The catch is, you will have to work with your soon to be ex towards an agreement you can both live with.  Much of the cost of divorces comes from lawyer fees.  If you and your spouse fight over every detail of the settlement, and your lawyers have to keep meeting to iron out details, the cost of your divorce will skyrocket quickly.  Because you will both need that money to start your new life, you will want to keep as much as possible.

Since an inability to agree on anything is often a characteristic of the end of a marriage, sitting down with your spouse to reach a settlement may seem like an impossible dream.  It won’t be easy, but consider how much money you will save and how much quicker your divorce will be finished if you work with your spouse.

We are in no way suggesting that you agree with everything your spouse may want just to get your divorce filed.  You have every right to ask for what you need to, and then compromise with each other to find a solution.  If you simply cannot work out an agreement together, consider using a mediator to help you.  A mediator is a person who has been trained in mediation.  This means your mediator will look at each side and offer suggestions for compromises.  You do not have to accept the mediator’s suggestions, but you should seriously consider them.

A mediator may cost you each a few hundred dollars, but it still much less expensive than fighting over the details in court.  You will save yourself a large amount of money, not to mention months of stress and anxiety, by trying to reach a settlement with your spouse.

Even if you and your spouse reach a settlement, it may be a good idea to have an attorney look at the agreement before you file it.  There may be things that you have not considered that need to be addressed in your agreement. Most people think of child and spousal support, visitation plans, and splitting assets, but you should also consider retirement and tax issues, among others.

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