How Yoga can help you Deal with Divorce Stress

When you hear the word “yoga”, what thoughts come to mind?  A body bent into seemingly unreasonable shapes?  A skinny person who is so flexible he/she can fold themselves into a tiny little spot?   That’s what many people think – and then they mistakenly believe they would never be able to do yoga!  In reality, yoga can be an awesome way to deal with the stress and anxiety from your divorce.

At its very basic level, yoga is a way to calm your body.  The flexibility will come, if you work at it and want to do that, but for anxiety relief, the deep breathing that is the most important aspect of yoga is the perfect remedy.  If you have never tried yoga, check on the internet for videos or purchase a beginner DVD.  Make sure it is marked beginner or yoga for stress relief.

When we are stressed, we often carry tension in our neck, back and shoulders.  Our breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, which in turn, causes our body to tense up.  See the vicious circle?  You can use the deep breathing practice of yoga to help you deal with your divorce stress.  Every time you do yoga, you will learn how your body feels relaxed and will eventually learn how to relax your body more easily.

If you cannot purchase a DVD, you can still learn basic deep breathing techniques to help you control anxiety.  You can choose to use a mat and sit cross-legged as you relax or you can simply choose to sit in your favorite chair.  If possible, choose a time when no one is around and you can sit quietly.  Consciously slow your breathing, taking long, slow breaths through your nose.  Hold it a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth.  Try inhaling for a count of 4, then exhaling the same.

Yoga also uses different poses to stretch your body.  Every stretch releases tension and helps you to relax.  You don’t have to twist your body into knots to reap the benefits from stretching, either.  Simply stand up and reach for the sky.  Bend over like you were going to touch your toes.  Any way you want to move that stretches your body is perfect.  Stretching also encourages blood flow which will help you relieve anxiety even more.

Troubled-couple-divorceYour divorce will be stressful.  Even when it is final, there are stressful days as you learn how to live your new life.  Yoga can help you deal with divorce anxiety in a very simple way.  The best part is that you can practice your deep breathing anywhere – whenever you need it!

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