I want a Divorce, but How Much will it Cost?

How many times have you seen news of celebrities on television or the internet talking about their multi-million dollar divorce settlements and how long the divorce took?  Chances are, your divorce will not be anything like theirs, but still, how much a divorce costs is always a concern if you are thinking about filing for one.

Some experts say that ending a marriage can cost as much as the wedding that started it all.  This may be true in certain cases, but the cost of the divorce usually depends more on you and your soon to be ex than on anything else.  When we talk about the cost of a divorce in this article, we are simply talking about the costs of getting a divorce finalized, not about the settlement you may have to pay.

Relationship troubles.

Every county requires you to pay a fee to file paperwork.  The amount differs all over the country but usually averages a few hundred dollars.  You will have to pay this fee or your paperwork will not be filed for the divorce process to start.

Another fee that you will have will be your attorney fees. Again, this differs all around the country and something you will need to ask during your first visit.  If you and your spouse are filing for an amicable divorce and already have the details of your settlement worked out, this can save you a huge amount of money.  Some attorneys offer a flat fee for looking over your settlement before you file.

If you and your spouse cannot work together, you need to ask your attorney how much he/she charges.  You also need to find out if you will be charged for every phone call or email between you or if just office visits are charged.  Every lawyer will have his/her own fee schedule, so be sure to ask and don’t assume that your lawyer will be like the one your friend used.

Attorney fees are what run up the cost of the divorce so quickly.  To save money, no matter how badly you dislike your spouse, you need to try to work together for an amicable divorce.  If you simply cannot work together, consider mediation to help keep your costs down.  A mediator is a neutral third party who can look at your situation and offer options to satisfy you both.  You do not have to take the mediator’s suggestion, as they are not legally binding.  If you end up in court, those decisions will be legal, so strongly consider taking the mediator’s ideas.

You can see why it is difficult to set a price on obtaining a divorce.  The easiest way to keep the costs down is to work with your spouse on an agreement you can both live with.

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