I Want a Do it Yourself Divorce – is that Possible?

These days, it seems you can find a video on the internet that will show you how to do any chore you want to accomplish.  Do it Yourself is becoming so popular that people are attempting more and more things on their own.  Unfortunately, a DIY divorce is not possible.  You will have to go to court to get your divorce finalized.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do some of the process on your own.  There are many websites available where you can download the necessary forms for you and your spouse to fill out. If you and your spouse can work together to design a divorce settlement, you can print the needed forms.  They cannot be filed online, however.  You will have to take them to your local clerk of court’s office and pay the required fees to start the process.

Even if you and your spouse have created a settlement that you are both happy with, you should still have an attorney look at the paperwork.  This may seem to be a waste of money, but your divorce will affect the rest of your life.  You need to be sure that everything you need is in the agreement.  An attorney fee is a small price to pay to make sure your divorce is in order.

After the necessary paperwork has been filed, you will receive a court date.  Even if you have submitted a settlement and only need a judge to approve it, you will still have to appear in court.  During the proceeding, you will each be sworn in and will have to testify that you are there of your own free will and that you agree with the settlement you submitted.  If the judge approves of your paperwork, your divorce will be finalized quickly.

As much as you may want to do everything on your own for your divorce, it simply isn’t legal.  If you and your spouse can agree on an amicable divorce, you can do your settlement on your own (but remember that hiring a family law attorney to look it over is a good idea!) and even file the papers.  That is as much as you can do on your own.  Everyone who files for a divorce must have the settlement approved by a judge before it becomes legal.

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