Is An Interet Divorce Cheaper?

How to get Divorced Easily

First of all, you cannot file for divorce on the internet.  All divorces must be filed in your local court system and finalized at a hearing which you and your spouse must attend.  You cannot avoid going to court.  The only thing you can do for your divorce online is to print paperwork.

If you and your spouse can work together to reach a fair settlement, you can print out the paperwork you need from the internet.  Make sure to print the papers for the state you live in as different states may have different requirements.  There are websites that will allow you to print your papers for free, while others charge a fee.

You can also fill in the papers online and print the completed forms or only print the forms and fill in the information yourself. It does not matter which you do, as long as your handwritten forms are clearly legible. You might want to have someone else try to read the information before you submit it to the court, just to be sure.

Although you may have wanted to do the paperwork yourself to save paying an attorney, you should consider hiring one to look over your forms before you file them.  Even if you and your spouse have decided on the agreement, there are many things you may not have thought of.  Most people consider property division, spousal and child support and child visitation, but what about income taxes, retirement and liability division?  You also have to consider that “equal” may not be “fair” and that you could get more money from your ex or have him/her pay more of the marital liabilities.

It is understandable that you don’t want to cause problems with your soon to be ex, but your divorce will affect you the rest of your life, even if you remarry.  You need to be sure that every detail is included and generic forms from the internet might not be the best choice for your situation.  It won’t cost much to have an attorney check your agreement, but it could save you thousands of dollars and lots of stress.

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