I’ve Heard about Online Divorces – is this Legal?

In a world where it seems everything can be done online, is it any surprise that online divorce sites have begun to pop up? Not really, but the question remains – just how legal are these divorces and who can use these sites?

If an online divorce is something you are considering, you need to do a lot of research before starting the process. Divorces obtained online are not legal in some states, so the first step you need to take is to be sure your state will recognize your divorce if you complete it online. Of course, the internet is the first place you will want to search for this information, but make sure you are using a reputable site!

Many sites offer to fill out all of your paperwork and some consider this an online divorce service. These companies will use your information to fill out and submit all of your paperwork to your county clerk’s office. You will still need to appear in court at some point, but you will not have to have an attorney or worry that you have all of the forms you need. This could save you from paying attorney fees.

After you found out if an online divorce is available for your state, you will need to be sure that you and your spouse can agree on everything. Only uncontested divorces can be completed online and any paperwork that you submit without your spouse agreeing to it will not be accepted in court.

In reality, an online divorce may seem like the easiest way to get a divorce, but with so many questions about the legality of the divorce, it may not be worth it. If you and your spouse can agree on everything to file an uncontested divorce online, why not just file for dissolution in your county? Yes, you will have to make a trip to the office and an appearance in court, but at least you will never have to wonder if at some point in the future, it is decided that online divorces are not legal.

If you are checking on online divorces, you are probably looking for a cheaper, quicker way to get your divorce. Sit down with your spouse and make all of the decisions you need to make without fighting and file the paperwork yourself. If you can agree to work together, why not file your paperwork the old-fashioned way and be done with it?

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