What you Should Know before Filing for Divorce

Before you file for divorce, you need to be prepared for what will happen in the next few months.  Your life will be turned inside out and upside down as you and your spouse try to work out an agreement.  You will need to learn to do everything that your spouse did and you took for granted.  You will need to gather very personal information and be ready to share it with your attorney and in court.

Obviously, you need to be sure that divorce is what you need to do.  All couples go through difficult times and they may even consider filing for divorce.  Before you choose that route, exhaust all of your options.  Try reconnecting with your spouse.  Think about what caused you to fall in love with your spouse.  Remember all of the good times you have had.  Forgive yourself and your spouse.

If you feel that divorce is the best option for you, you need to start gathering information.  How you do this depends on whether you have told your spouse your plans or whether you need to keep it a secret.  If you have not shared your plans, make sure that all information you gather is copied and stored in a safe place.  This may need to be away from your home with someone you trust completely.

You will need copies of tax returns, pay stubs and all other income information.  You also need to know what type of liabilities you have and copies of that information.  Retirement plans are also important.  Basically, you need copies of anything that has to do with your financial life.  Don’t forget to list assets that you have accumulated during your marriage, such as vehicles, real estate and jewelry.

Finding an attorney is your next step.  Make sure you choose a lawyer who is familiar with family law and not just someone you pick from a phone book.  Call your state bar association for a list of licensed attorneys in your area.  Once you have a few to choose from, schedule a meeting for each.  You can’t choose an attorney based on a phone conversation.  You need to meet each and see which matches your needs.

Remember that the best scenario for your divorce is for you and your spouse is to work for an amicable divorce.  This saves both of you a lot of money and time.  Your divorce could be final in just a few months and you will be moving on with your new life sooner.

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