Online Mediation with GoToMeeting
Online Mediation with GoToMeeting

The Online Divorce Mediation program Win Your Divorce offers has many benefits:

  • Convenience: You can mediate from the comfort of your home.
  • Cost: We provide a fixed fee package that includes the divorce mediation process, plus all of the forms you need to file for an uncontested divorce in the states that we serve. The fixed fee enables you to control and budget your costs. You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees and thousands of dollars in traditional mediation fees by using this process. Our fixed fee is $999 per person which includes a final Marital Separation Agreement and all of the forms that you need to file for divorce in your state.
  • Anonymity: You don’t need to be in the physical room with your spouse during the mediation. Many spouses prefer not be in the same room with their spouse during mediation. If domestic violence is an issue in your marriage, Online Divorce Mediation is a good alternative to get your divorce resolved. You can even choose either a phone or video conferencing method.  If you choose the video conferencing method, you can use either your computer, tablet or smartphone on GoToMeeting.
  • Speed: This process can be over in a day or two and you file your uncontested divorce after the required waiting period and get on with your life without incurring high legal fees, which includes 10 hours with the mediator,
  • Completed Documentation: When an agreement is reached, they will be instructed to go to LegalZoom where they’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the documents to finalize the divorce.

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Online Divorce Mediation takes place over the Internet in a private GoToMeeting where both parties can be present with the mediator. The mediator also can communicate privately with each party separately. Telephone and Skype conferencing calling is also used when necessary.

Not at your computer? Click the link to join your online arbitration session from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows Phone® device via GoToMeeting.

* 95% of divorce mediation sessions are performed in 10 hours or less at a cost of $999 per person. Unique circumstances that require additional costs will be discussed with you in advance.