Do Men always Lose at the Divorce Game?

At times, it does seem that women always “win” at divorce, but no one truly wins when there is a divorce. The majority of the time men are the ones who make the most money in a marriage and so they often feel they get “shafted” during the divorce because they have to pay so much. By understanding the process a little more, men can be better prepared for the decisions they will need to make.

Alimony is always a sore spot with ex-spouses. Many feel they should not have to pay alimony so their ex can “stay home and do nothing.” Alimony is decided by the courts and the incomes (and potential incomes) of both parties is considered when deciding the amount. Usually, alimony is paid until the other party remarries or for half the length of the marriage. For example, if a marriage lasts 12 years, alimony may be paid for 6.

The division of property is another big issue. You need to understand what the difference between marital and separate property is. You also need to remember that every little thing you fight over adds time and expense to your divorce. Make sure you clearly list what is your property in your divorce settlement.

To avoid feeling like you are losing everything you own, consider filing an amicable divorce. This simply means that you and your spouse work together to design an agreement that is satisfactory to both. You each get to say what you want and need. If this sounds like what you want, but you can’t work together, you can hire a divorce mediator to help you work through all of the details.

When you work together, everyone wins. Each of you will get a say in what you want and need from the marriage and also what type of child visitation will work best for your family. You will save a lot of money in lawyer fees and will always be able to start your new life sooner. Men don’t always lose everything in a divorce – both parties lose something. Be proactive to make sure you get what you need.

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