My Aunt is a Lawyer – Why can’t she Handle my Divorce?


When you are going through a divorce the thought of sharing of the intimate details of your life with a complete stranger can be very scary.  Because of this, some people want to use family members or friends for their divorce attorney.  In some cases, this might work, but usually, it is a better idea to hire someone outside of your circle of friends and family.  You also want to be sure your lawyer has experience with family law.

If you and your spouse are working towards an amicable divorce, you may be able to use your friend.  In this case, all you need is someone to look over your agreement before you file it.  However, you still need to make sure the person you choose has at least a little experience with family law.  He/she needs to be able to understand your agreement and know what details you may have missed or need to work on.


While it seems odd, many times, it is easier for us to share private details with a stranger.  We don’t have to worry that this person will share details of the divorce at the next family holiday dinner or that they are judging our mistakes.  A lawyer who doesn’t know you will be more neutral about issues and less likely to try to talk you into decisions you may not want to make.  Family members may try to pressure you to punish your ex, while a neutral attorney will listen to your wants and needs and follow those.

It may seem like having a family member beside you through your divorce is a great idea.  You will have someone to advise you and also to lend a shoulder to cry on.  You need to consider the possibility that you and your spouse may cancel the divorce or get back together at some point in the future.  If your family member has heard all of the details of your marriage, it may be really hard for him/her to accept your spouse back into the family.

It is hard to find a divorce attorney, but choosing to stay with a family member who isn’t qualified could hurt you in the long run.  Remember that your divorce decree will have an effect on the rest of your life and you need someone to guide you for the best possible outcome.

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