I Need a Quick Divorce – What are my Options?

How to get Divorced Easily

As much as you may want a quick divorce, there is a process you will need to follow to obtain a divorce.  Truthfully, how long it takes to get a divorce depends more on the couple that is divorcing than anything else.

To get a divorce as quickly as possible, you will need to work together to make decisions about your family.  If you can sit down and agree on division of assets and liabilities, child visitation, child support and alimony amounts, you can save many months of frustration and cash.  If you cannot agree, you will need to hire attorneys to work out the details.  This will add weeks to the length of time it takes to get your divorce finalized and the cost will increase dramatically.

If you cannot work together, consider hiring a mediator to help you work through the details.  It may add some time to the process, but can still be much quicker than fighting for months over the details.  Unfortunately, some couples cannot let go of their anger and hurt to work on details and will fight over the smallest item just to make sure their spouse does not get it.  Don’t let this be you!  Look at your divorce as a business deal and leave your emotions out of any decision you make.

A simple, amicable divorce is the quickest option for you.  Often, this type of divorce can be completed in just week instead of months or years.  The reality is, the quicker you want your divorce, the nicer you may have to be to your spouse.  You may not like to think about being nice, but you will be away from your spouse sooner if you can be.

Do not let being nice cause you to sign away anything you truly need or care about.  It may seem easier to just get it over with, but the long term effects of your divorce are unknown.  You may not need that settlement now, but at some point in the future, you may wish you had them.  Letting a lawyer examine your divorce papers is the best way for you to know you are getting what is fair.

There are no options for getting a quick divorce.  Your best option is to work with your spouse to come to a fair agreement and file the paperwork quickly.  Couples who are fighting over details are the ones who have divorces that drag out for years.

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