I Need the Quickest Divorce Possible – What Can I Do?

Many people feel this way once they have made the difficult choice to file for divorce.  While there are ways to reduce the time it takes to get your divorce finalized, it will still take several months.  Once you have filed all the necessary paperwork, you will still need to wait for a court date and there are no short cuts for that.

The best way to have your divorce finalized quickly is to work together with your spouse to make all the decisions for your settlement agreement.  This includes division of property, spousal support, child support and visitations for your children.  You also need to make decisions about retirement plans and income taxes.

If there is any chance of you and your spouse working out a settlement together, take it.  The amount of time you will save is just one good thing.  You will also save a lot of money in lawyer fees, not to mention the anxiety and stress you will not have to deal with.  When you and your spouse discuss your settlement, leave your emotions out of the discussion.  Pretend this is nothing more than a business deal and you will be much better off.  You both may be hurt and angry, so it’s better to just focus on the decisions and not who did what to whom.

Some couples want to work on an amicable divorce, but simply cannot work together to make important decisions.  There is still hope.  You can hire a mediator to help you and your spouse work your way through the decisions.  A mediator is a person who has been trained in helping others work through difficult situations.  Your mediator will be a neutral person who can offer suggestions to you that you may not have thought of.  You do not have to use the mediator’s suggestions, but you should consider them.

If you cannot work together, your divorce will drag out, possibly for years.  Every time you disagree with your spouse’s offer or refuse to co-operate, you will be adding time to the length of your divorce.  You will also be paying your lawyer money that you will need to start your new life.  Before you decide to fight over who gets the ugly antique table you bought on your honeymoon, ask yourself if winning is more important than money or your mental and emotional health.  Sometimes, it is best to just let objects go.

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