I Pay Child Support – What Rights do I have in Regards to my Children?

For many couples involved in a divorce, child support is often a point of constant contention between them. One may feel they are not getting enough, while the other believes their payments are too large. There are many gray areas surrounding child support payments and the rights of the non-custodial parent. Since most women get custody of the children during a divorce, men are generally the ones paying child support.

Child support payments are supposed to be used to help the residential parent pay for the child’s housing, food, clothing and medical expenses. One of the biggest issues many payees have is wondering whether their money is being used to actually take care of their children. Unfortunately, many payees believe that their child support is being used in other ways and there is little they can do to stop it.

If the person receiving the child support has a new live-in, they may be eating some of the food the child support payments purchased and are living in the home those payments help pay for. If you pay child support, you do have the right to make sure your money is being used for your child and not to support your ex or his/her new lifestyle choices.

You will not have the right to tell the receiver of your money how to live, but you do have the right to go to court and see if your payments can be amended. Remember that you cannot stop or amend those payments on your own – it must be a court decision or you will be held responsible for any money that you didn’t pay.

You have the right to see your children as directed by the visitation schedule. If the person receiving child support withholds your children from these visits, you have the right to go to court and resolve the situation. You do not have the right to withhold payments as a way to get back at your ex. Missing payments can result in you losing your driver’s license or even time in jail.

As the child support payee, you do have the right to check on the welfare of your child and to make sure the money you are paying is actually going to support your child. You have the right to see your children as per the visitation schedule and the right to go back to court if your ex is not sticking to the schedule. Just remember that you do not have the right to change any monetary amounts of child support, not matter how angry you are, without a court order.

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