Is it Possible to get a Quick Divorce?

For most people, once the decision has been made to get a divorce, the final paperwork cannot come soon enough.  They just want to get on with their lives and forget the anger and stress they have been living with.  To even think about all the decisions that have to be made can be overwhelming and they just want it to be done.  While it is possible to get a quick divorce, it is rarely as fast as people wish.

A quick divorce will still take at least a few months.  Each state has different laws as to who can file for divorce and whether an appearance in front of a judge or magistrate is required.  Even those people who try a “do it yourself” divorce often require assistance with the final paperwork.  Because the divorce will affect you for several years – financially, if not emotionally – you may want to consider discussing your options with a lawyer who specializes in family law.

Some people do not want to pay any attorney fees, but without knowing what you are legally entitled to, your quick divorce could become a legal nightmare.  If you let your soon-to-be-ex handle everything, you have no guarantee of the fairness of the document.  This is one time in life that spending a little money could save you a lot of money, time and heartache.  Even quick divorces have lasting effects on you, so do yourself a favor and be sure you understand exactly what you are signing.

With an attorney’s help, you can get a quick divorce.  If you and your spouse agree on everything, such as child visitations and how to split your assets, it may be possible for you to obtain a dissolution instead of filing for divorce.  Dissolutions are much simpler and easier on everyone involved.  Lawyer fees are much smaller and you will get your quick divorce without years of fighting over possessions neither of you really want.

Obviously, some decisions are too important to be made quickly.  Even though you are incredibly hurt and angry by the time you file for a divorce, remember that your children love both of you and do not want to hear anything bad about either.  While you do want a quick divorce, your children do not. Keep their best interests in mind as you work with your spouse on child support and visitations.  If you are the custodial parent, it can be very tempting to make it hard for the other parent to see the children, but remember how much you will be hurting your children by doing that.  While a quick divorce might be best for you, it will not be for them.

It is possible to obtain a quick divorce if both parties can be mature and fair.  The very reasons you are getting the divorce may prevent this from happening, though.  Even with a quick divorce, consult an attorney if you feel you are not getting what you are entitled to.  Make sure your children are taken care of, both financially and the visitations with the other parent, in the document before you sign it.  Getting a quick divorce is definitely possible, but be very careful in the process.


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