How do I prepare for Divorce?

Deciding to get a divorce is not easy. Knowing how to prepare for a divorce can take a little of the stress away, but you need to remember that your emotions will be raw for a long time and no amount of preparation can help that. You need to let yourself heal a little each day. Before you think about how to prepare for divorce, think about whether you truly want one. Can you honestly say you have given your marriage every chance? Have you tried counseling? Always make sure you truly want the divorce and are not reacting to a situation without giving yourself time to think.

If you are sure you want a divorce, there are several things you can do to prepare for it. Most people do not understand the laws in their state, so consulting a divorce attorney should be one of your first items. Even if you do not think you will need an attorney, you can get advice about what you are legally entitled to. This is especially important if you and your spouse are thinking about filing paperwork without attorneys. Be sure you are not getting cheated!

This cannot be stated enough. When you are thinking about how to prepare for divorce, do not involve your children! Do not talk bad about your spouse, no matter how angry you are. Your children love and need both of their parents. They need their lives to stay as much the same as possible while everyone heals from the divorce. Your children will thank you when they are grown if you can show respect for your spouse while going through the divorce.

Another big job when you are thinking about how to prepare for your divorce is to know your household’s expenses and assets. Start making copies of all documents you find, including pay stubs, tax forms, monthly bills, insurance information, bank statements and any property that you or your spouse own. This will make filing the paperwork easier and you will have your own copies for future reference if you should ever need them.

Perhaps the hardest step in how to prepare for divorce is to understand that you will need help. Whether it is simply a friend’s shoulder to cry on or to see a counselor depends on your situation. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family love you and want to help you and your children through this tough time. Realize you are strong, but that even strong people need to lean on others at times.

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