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Divorce is an emotionally, mentally, and financially straining process, not only for the couple, but if you have children, more so for them. If one has decided to go through it then why not choose to go through it with some help and ease.


Most of the research on the subject of Divorce suggests that divorce trends are on the rise. Tough economic conditions may have caused couples to compromise, like in the recession of 2008: divorce percentages declined after a year on year rise but recent surveys show that the trend is rising again. There are different reasons to a couple’s decision to divorce but it is not justified whether the process cannot be smooth or cost-effective, that is to say.

What makes this process effective is that couples create their own values, set their own limits, and discuss their own terms in an agreeable manner, which is free from abuse and dejection. When two parties have made a decision to part their ways, they now need to make important decisions’ regarding their separate lives and divorce mediation is a way, which encourages that initiation. The couple sits with a third party, the mediator who works for neither of them. Rather the role of the mediator is to encourage communication, guide the process towards a productive and positive conclusion, and help both parties to understand their rights. All this is achieved through a cost effective and amicable way, in which the focus is to gain maximum collaborative benefits and terms on which both parties agree mutually.

Typical issues, which can be negotiated between the divorcing couples, include matters such as:
• child custody
• taxes
• property distribution
• child support
• retirement

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