Signs of Infidelity

What Are The Signs of Infidelity and How to Cope With Them

You decided to get married and you could not have been happier, but, as the years pass by, you see your marriage slipping away. The two of you are not as close as you used to be. The communication has practically ended, and you rarely see each other anymore.

Enjoying time together is a thing of the past, and the sexual activity between the two of you is nonexistent. It seems as though you argue more than you talk, and you feel as though you just cannot stand one another anymore.

One of the main reasons a marriage falls apart is because one of the partners were unfaithful. They stray outside of the marriage looking for something more. Sometimes the something more is sexual. Other times they are looking for something that is lacking in their marriage, like affection. Whatever the reason for straying, infidelity usually destroys the marriage.