How to Stop your Divorce!


This eBook is for all those who believe that their marriage is worth everything. After reading this, you will be equipped with plenty of ways to win your spouse back!

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Your Marriage is Not So Weak that A Harsh Word Can Break it!

Facing problems in your marriage? The threat of divorce looming over your head? Do not worry, because if you have the will, then we have the way for you! All you need to understand is that not all is lost yet and there are plenty of ways you can win your spouse back. You simply need the right guidance, some courage and lots of hard work to make sure that you do not end up having a divorce. After all, nothing can ever be more important than your spouse and kids! Not really sure how that is possible now that your spouse has already asked for a divorce? Well, read on to find out all you can about How to Stop your DivorceHow to save your marriage!!

Affairs, Addiction, Lack of Fulfillment or Expectations, All Can be Redeemed!
If you think that problems like affairs or addictions, separations or the supposed loss of affection are reasons that can break your marriage, you are wrong! There is nothing more powerful than love and that is exactly what you need to remember and remind your spouse! Not sure what this means? Here is what this eBook will tell you:

  • All negative emotions are temporary and nothing can stand for long in front of the power of love! When you married your spouse, you fell in love with them, and they with you. Stopping a divorce only needs that reassurance.
  • The idea is to remind over time, not enforce love and memories on your spouse, so if you have been doing that, stop!
  • You cannot save your marriage if you keep playing the blame game. Forgiveness is the key to moving on and living successfully.
  • Do not expect your spouse to make the efforts if they are the ones asking for divorce. You will have to be the one who takes positive steps and then see the effects on your spouse.
  • Give your spouse the time to think. Give them space. Fighting or clinging is not the solution to anything!

Do Not Become the Victim: Take Action!
You are not a victim in any situation until and unless you think of being one! If you are facing abuse, then maybe it is time to get that divorce after all! There are very few cases where people with domestic abuse problem actually see light and change their ways. Think if your children! Would you want to put them at risk? Of course not! Would you want them to grow up and be just like your spouse or face abuse like you? No! And now is the time to become strong and break away from a marriage!

Addiction on the other hand is curable. You have to put in a lot of care, support, effort and work in order to help yourself or your spouse get rid of any kind of addiction. Take time out and know that you can defeat it. Addiction should not bring your marriage to the point where divorce is the only option left!

Nothing Seems to be Working? Seek a Marriage Counselor!
Where everything else fails, a marriage counselor may actually be able to help you in saving the marriage. Find out about all the different kinds of therapists and determine who the right one for you is. Once you have found the right therapist, you will be able to overcome any obstacle so long as you are willing to give it a try!

A counselor will let you talk to each other on neutral grounds and be able to tell one another what you are going through. They will also help practice exercises that will strengthen your marriage.

Separation is Better than Divorce!
Sounds unreal? It is not! After all, why not save yourself from endless court battles, bitter resentment and the pain your family has to go through in case of a divorce? A separation would allow both you and your spouse the chance to think things through instead of going for something final. If even that doesn’t work, you can stay married but live separately which means that you, your spouse and kids can all stay on good terms and yet live apart. Isn’t that always better than having a divorce?!

This eBook will tell you all the above mentioned things and more. Here are all the topics How to Stop your Divorce contains to help you fight the divorce from ruining your family!

  • Chapter 1: The Value of Your Marriage
  • Chapter 2: Failed Expectations? Why?
  • Chapter 3: Coming to Terms with Change
  • Chapter 4: Redefining Feelings
  • Chapter 5: The Big Killer: An Affair!
  • Chapter 6: A Way Out of Abuse and Addiction
  • Chapter 7: Some Other Causes for Divorce
  • Chapter 8: Frame of Mindset
  • Chapter 9: Counseling
  • Chapter 10: Separation

So don’t give up on your marriage yet, there is still hope!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee
Yes, that right! Order your copy of the How to stop your Divorce and read it from cover to cover. Take a full 30 days to discuss the suggestions, strategies and techniques with your friends and family. If you are not 100% happy with the book, just inform me, for a prompt, no-questions asked 100% refund.


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