Secrets to Successful Dating After Divorce

The divorce is final and you think the headaches have ended, but at some point in time, you will date again. It is only natural to want companionship. The truth is that dating after a divorce is very scary and can cause even more heartache. It is difficult to believe you can trust again.


Divorcees become timid when it comes to dating after their divorce has ended. Some even decide they will hate the opposite sex for the remainder of their lives. Drastic, I know, but I have met people like this. The divorcee assumes that no man, or woman, is worth the chance of being humiliated again. Their hearts tend to shut down when it comes to love. They would rather spend their days alone then allow themselves to enter into a new relationship. It is sad really, because as they grow older they will wish they had someone to share their life.

When you do begin to re-date there will be times when you feel like a teenager again, going on your first date. The butterflies will be in your stomach and your face will feel flushed. Think back, you can remember your first date, right? Just because you are older now it does not mean that you cannot feel like an adolescent again. It will be exhilarating to experience holding hands during dinner or cuddling at the movies. You will see that dating after the divorce is much more fun than before the wedding.

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