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Going through a messy divorce? Unsure about how to secure alimony? Worry not, because this ebook is just what you need to deal with the issue of ‘spousal support’ head on and without any fear.


Get It Right The First Time

The issue of spousal support is a thorn on the side of either participant in divorce proceedings. It is an issue which involves the state of finances, both yours and your ex-spouse’s, which is why it is often dealt with a lot of hostility by either side.

Often spousal support related negotiations embitter participants if they cannot reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Thus it is vital you acquaint yourself with the various legal definitions and the stages involved in a spousal support settlement before sitting at the bargaining table. And even if you have a capable attorney well-versed with the nooks and crannies of family law, he or she may not explain to you every single thing involved with a spousal maintenance agreement.

This is where this handy spousal support ebook comes in. It will educate you on the dos and don’ts while going about negotiating a spousal maintenance you deserve or deserve to let your ex-spouse have, without sacrificing your own financial interests.

Remember that spousal support issues do not receive as much favor as child support related considerations with the courts and judges, unless one party is in dire financial straits. Once the divorce decree has been handed over and the entry made by the court clerk or once you have signed the settlement agreement under oath it is notoriously difficult to modify the spousal support clause. Child support amounts can be updated with considerable ease but that is not the case with alimony.

Why This Book Is A Must Read

Thus instead of waiting for your lawyer to answer all your queries and piling up on the billing hours, it is better to get yourself this e-book at a very affordable price. Not only will it enlighten you on issues that are bound to come up during any kind of spousal support related bargaining but provide you with lawyerly advice on which route to take to avoid trouble or which option will maximize your benefits and at the same time will not cause your ex-spouse any loss.

Besides why let your lawyer have the upper hand in all legal matters?  With the help of this e-book not only can you make few of your own spousal support related decisions and impress your lawyer with intelligent questions and establish that you are the one in control and steering this divorce proceedings ship.

What Does The Book Contain

The book contains –

  • All your spousal support related queries neatly categorized in 10 chapters
  • Examples of model QDRO documents and spousal support agreements
  • Explanations to complicated spousal support related terms along with examples provided to facilitate better and easier understanding

Some of the questions discussed in the book include:

  • Can the husband receive spousal support as well?
  • How gender neutral is the idea of payment of spousal support in the 21st century?
  • Does your spouse need to be at fault for you to get spousal support?
  • What is rehabilitative spousal maintenance and when is it awarded?
  • In the instance of the payer ex-spouse’s death, will the payee continue to receive spousal support?
  • How is an alimony amount decided upon by the judge?
  • How does the ‘standard of living’ argument affect a spousal support judgment?
  • Can I have a share in my ex-husband’s ERISA benefits and will the anti-alienation clause negatively affect my chances in this case?
  • What is a QDRO and how does it figure into the scheme of claiming a share in my ex-spouse’s retirement benefits?

Thus the book will not only give you a glimpse into the workings of every spousal support settlement possible but educate you on how the spousal support considerations may vary with a change in circumstances. Every divorce case and its unique features may throw up a new set of possibilities which will decide the final outcome. Thus it is in your own best interests, to be cognizant of all there is to know about spousal support considerations – right from how different states have different laws and hold differing views on the same aspect of alimony to the rights and privileges you are entitled to under your state statutes.

If you don’t keep yourself acquainted with basic know-how of alimony, then there are significant chances your ex-spouse and attorney will take you for a ride. Remember it is always preferable to be able to trust yourself rather than trust somebody else. Divorce is an emotionally vulnerable time for both parties involved but that does not mean you should give into complacency and not take stock of the situation. If you are keen to protect your financial future, better start familiarizing yourself with spousal support related information and ensure that you are never taken for a ride.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Yes, that right! Order your copy of the The Spousal Support Manual and read it from cover to cover. Take a full 30 days to discuss the suggestions, strategies and techniques with your friends and family. If you are not 100% happy with the book, just inform me, for a prompt, no-questions asked 100% refund


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