What Your Divorce Lawyer Probably Won’t Tell You


This ebook details the things your divorce lawyer is likely to never tell you – the strategies, plans and attitudes you must adopt while filing for a divorce and the information you must amass in order to make educated decisions.


Are you in the dark about the intricacies of getting a divorce? Have you been reduced to the state of blindly having to trust your attorney on every little thing related to your divorce? Do you want to be the one in control?

Don’t worry, because, this ebook will educate you on the aspects of a divorce your attorney may hide from you.

The information you need to be at your fingertips and the tactics and strategies you may adopt while navigating the challenges presented by this difficult period are all compiled in this handy book.

Why your lawyer may not tell you everything

  • An ignorant client is better than an informed one. Ignorance will breed complete dependence on your attorney which will give them the privilege to take decisions on your behalf and merely ask for your consent.
  • He or she could think you are not intelligent enough to grasp the finer legal aspects of divorce matters hence they may not want to spend time explaining things to you.
  • They fear being asked too many questions they cannot honestly answer.
  • The client cannot pay for the hours involved in providing detailed explanations.
  • They assume that you will raise objections to some of the solutions recommended, hence they prefer to conceal certain finer points.

Do not let your lawyer get the upper hand. Wrest control of the situation because it is YOUR divorce, not theirs.

It is very much possible to earn their respect at the onset if only you can amass some information beforehand.

Given the astronomical hourly billing rates of high-profile attorneys, it is futile to assume that you will be able to afford getting all your queries answered by them. Hence be prudent, and do your own homework. This ebook will aid you in your understanding of important divorce related factors.

The things this book will let you know

  • The divorce litmus test – do you need a divorce or not? Is your marriage really beyond repair?
  • The various stages of divorce and the holistic approach you need to adopt to deal with this ordeal
  • How to determine which lawyer is best for you and how to minimize your lawyer related expenses
  • How to economize your divorce and prevent yourself from going broke
  • How best to resolve the issue of child custody and support without jeopardizing your child’s future
  • What are the consequences of a contested divorce and a fault divorce
  • The negative effects of letting your divorce process degenerate into an ugly and bitter public trial
  • How to initiate divorce proceedings without a lawyer’s help and how best to represent yourself in court
  • How best to handle a worst case scenario like a contested divorce or a ‘fault’ divorce
  • How you can modify your divorce decree with minimum court involvement
  • Why it’s best not to antagonize your spouse and your spouse’s attorney

Know everything there is to know about a divorce

Starting from the initial steps to the time when your marriage will finally be terminated, every stage of the divorce has been covered in this ebook. While you may certainly take recourse to searching on the internet for every detail, you will have to spend hours on research while tearing your hair out. While this ebook has niftily compiled all the divorce know-how for you to access at one go. This ebook has documented all the information in a clear and concise manner under separate headings and subheadings for you to be able to follow without difficulty. Your lawyer will obviously be able to enlighten you on litigation related jargon, but he or she won’t tell you about the likely repercussions of divorce that are not directly related with its legal aspects. At your lawyer’s demanded hourly charging rates, it will be impossible to get all your queries answered or clarified given the fact that every minute your lawyer devotes to answering your questions will be added to the bill.

In this book, you will learn…

  •  All about getting a divorce
  •  Be careful what you wish for
  •  Don’t burn a hole in your pocket
  •  Divorce and Dissolution – Which to choose?
  •  Weapons you need to fight the Divorce War
  • Fight to the Finish vs Cordial parting of ways
  • Choosing a lawyer who suits your needs
  • Now begins the real battle – Divorce Petition
  • Oh no! The Dreaded Divorce Trial
  • Divide and Share
  • Remember the ‘Child’ in Child Custody
  • Who should pay Child Support?
  • Disagree to Agree – The Separation Agreement
  • Amending your divorce decree and other matters!
  • 15 Strategies to Planning the Divorce War

100% Money- Back Guarantee

Yes, that right! Order your copy of What Your Divorce Lawyer Probably Won’t Tell You and read it from cover to cover. Take a full 30 days to discuss the suggestions, with your friends and family. If you feel that my book has not delivered on all that it has promised, just let me know within 30 days. I’ll send you a full refund, promptly. You have my word!


Rick D. Banks

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