How To Win Child Custody


This book will take you through the most important stages and issues of child custody and show you how to safeguard your child’s best interest through it all, including before and after divorce.

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Putting the children first

When you are married with children and the relationship starts to, or has progressively been, deteriorating, you try everything you can to avoid the big ‘D’ word, Divorce, especially, you tell yourself, for the sake of your children. No parent wants to put their child through divorce, and that can be a big reason why some marriages last longer than they perhaps should. However, consider what the children experience in a tumultuous household, and yes, even though divorce is hard on kids, hard on everybody, it’s a small amount of painful adjustment to go through for the many years you can potentially give them afterward of settled happiness. That is what this book is about, putting the children first, and keeping them there, through every decision, phase and challenge you will have to face during the divorce and child custody processes.

Strategies for winning child custody

Child custody battles can turn nasty very quickly. Everyone involved feels unsteady and unprepared, and a lot of that is down to not knowing what you are supposed to do or what to expect. In this instance, knowledge is indeed power, and through this book you will not only learn about the strategies for winning your child custody case, but what it means to be in a child custody case and everything that entails. You can’t possibly win your custody fight, if you don’t understand what it is and how it is awarded. That’s why we start by going over the basics, such as taking you through a typical child custody case progression, going over the specific steps that are going to put you in the best position, and defining some of the terminology that you will encounter along the way.

Knowledge is power

Going through a legal process can be very confusing and very intimidating, and though it will be crucial to choose the right divorce lawyer, which this book will help you with, it’s also very important for you to know the divorce and custody laws in your state, so that you can use them to your advantage. If you know what the judges and courts are looking for and what they look favorably on, you can put strategies in place to deliver just that. Each legal nod in your direction puts you that much closer to winning child custody on your terms, which should ultimately be those that serve your children best.

Know only what you need to know

The advice and information there is on best practices in child custody cases can be absolutely overwhelming, and if you tried to take it all in you would be overwhelmed. However, this book aims at showing you how to work smarter, not harder. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about child custody, but you do need to know the essentials that will fully prepare you for any child custody issue, including worst case scenarios. We want to take you through the worst now, so you can learn what to do and how to handle anything. We recognize if you have set plans already in place, you will feel much more confident and protected, which is extremely important during this very vulnerable time when you have children relying on you to get it right.

Of course, not every divorce or child custody case will be characterized by high conflict, but unfortunately this is not always something you can predict. It only takes one disagreement on a single matter to send the whole thing to court, and once that happens it’s a whole other level of preparation and this book will take you through each step, including what to expect when you go to court, how to best present yourself in court and what specific things you should do which will make your side of the argument stand out as the winning side in the eyes of the judge.

Keep the entire focus on the children

There is a lot that can happen through the course of a divorce and child custody dispute, and it can be very difficult to keep your focus on what your long term objectives are when you are faced with so much in the short term. However, you only need to look at your child to refocus and follow the steps laid out in this book aimed at providing the best you can for your children, to keep your eye on the prize, a happier life for you and your children.

This book isn’t just about getting you successfully through your child custody case, but it is about preparing you as best as possible for your future, including right after your divorce and years to come. Unlike divorces that don’t involve children, you don’t have the luxury of walking away from the spouse you are parting ways with. The other parent will always be in your life, because they will always be in your child’s life, which means complications in child custody do not come to a complete end when your divorce does. Life does not stay static. Children grow, their needs evolve, parents move, and new people get introduced to the mix. Learn now, in this book, how to best deal with the challenges to come, so when they do inevitably come, you will not only be prepared but will already know what you want and how to get it.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Yes, that right! Order your copy of the How To Win Child Custody and read it from cover to cover. Take a full 30 days to discuss the suggestions, strategies and techniques with your friends and family. If you feel that my book has not delivered on all that it has promised, just let me know within 30 days. I’ll send you a full refund, promptly.


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